You’ve Got Locksmith Questions. We’ve Locked Out?Got Locksmith Answers.

Help! I’ve locked my keys in the car. How fast can Budget Mobile Locksmith be at my location in the Tampa area?
30 minutes or less.
What is the charge for a lockout?
Car lockouts are $50.00 and home/business lockouts are $69.00
Should I change the locks when I buy a new house?
Yes. Who has a key? A worker who prepped the house before you bought it? A neighbor? Don’t take a chance!
Can one key open all the locks in my house?
Yes. It’s a simple process of determining if your locks are compatible or not. In any case, we can do it.
Lock OutWhat does re-keying a lock mean?
It means to change the combination of a lock, create a new key for the lock, thus disabling any keys previously in use.
How much do you charge to rekey residential and locks?
We charge a 55 dollar trip charge and 25 per lock. Up to 3 keys are provided at no charge.
Can thieves use a bump key to open my lock?
Yes. But, you are probably more likely to get struck by lightning than have your lock bumped open. In any case, we do provide Mul-T-Lock High Security bump proof locks.
Are Locksmiths allowed to replace mailbox locks?

Yes. We carry original postal replacement locks and we are allowed to replace them. The most typical mailbox lock replacement starts at $75.00.

How can I secure my sliding glass door?
The best security for a patio door is the Cal Double Bolt Locking System.



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