Mortise Lock Conversion to Cylindrical

Old commercial grade Mortise Locks can be a pain in the you know what. Parts are hard to find and often too pricey. On older models, it always seems that once you replace a defective part, another one breaks. I always recommend replacing the entire Mortise Lock assembly with something modern. But, sometimes your check book tells you what can do and what you can’t do. Consider converting your Mortise Lock to a Cylindrical Lock. Why? Simplicity, affordability and less maintenance issues down the road. Here’s how it’s done…

Step 1- Remove the Mortise Lock.
Mortise LockMortise Lock1Remove Mortise Lock
Step 2- Replace the Mortise strike plate with an ANSI strike.
Mortise Strike PlateAnsi Strike Plate
Step 3- Measure a 2-3/4″inch backset and bore a 2-1/8″inch hole.
Measure BacksetMeasure 2-1/8" BacksetDrill a 2-1/8" Hole
Step 4- Line up a 9″x 3-1/2″ Remodeler Plate on both sides of the door. Use painters tape to keep the plates straight. Drill a 5/32″ hole at 9 o’clock and one at 3 o’clock. Install the latch.
Remodeler PlateIMAG2745IMAG2750
Step 5- Install the lever and secure the Remodeler Plate.
Align Remodeler PlateSecure Remodeler PlateRemodel Front View
Step 6- Add a deadbolt and you are complete!
Add a DeadboltDeadbolt Inside ViewRemodel Complete
If you are interested in converting your Mortise Lock to a Cylindrical Lock, call Budget Mobile Locksmith at (813) 962-1121. Thank you for your consideration.

Simplex Mechanical Push Button Lock Conversion

Simplex Mechanical Push Button Locks are an easy solution to control unwanted access into restricted areas. If you are having issues with your current push button lock, consider a conversion to Simplex. Recently, a local Tampa business owner asked me to replace his defective biometric lock with a Simplex L-1000 mechanical push-button lock. I knew this wouldn’t be the typical remove and replace scenario. My goal was to cover up the existing door prep (holes) and install the Simplex lock.
Here’s how to do it…..

Follow Steps 1-8

Step 1- Remove the existing lock.
Biometric LockBiometric Locks
Step 2- Insert a 1 inch plastic hole filler in the frame.
Door FramePlastic Hole Filler
Step 3- Center a 3-1/2 x 15 aluminum push plate on each side of the door. Use a wrap around and painters tape to ensure that both sides are even.
Aluminum Push PlatePush Plate Alignment
Step 4- Attach your Jig using the appropriate backset. Drill a 2-1/8 hole.
Door Jig Prep2 1/8 inch Door Prep
Step 5- Use a Simplex installation template. Drill two 1/4 inch holes and a 1 inch hole.
Simplex Installation TemplateSimplex Door PrepSimplex Door Prep 2
Step 6- Install the latch and a filler plate.
Door Filler Plate and Latch
Step 7- You may need to add a spacer to the Simplex to compensate for the door thickness.
Simplex L-1000 SpacerSimplex L-1000
Step 8- Install the Simplex and you are complete!
Simplex InstallationSimplex Installation Back ViewSimplex Installation Front View
If you are considering a Simplex upgrade for your business, call Budget Mobile Locksmith at (813) 962-1121 for a free estimate. Thank you for your consideration.

Thinking of changing your lock to keyless?

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Keyless entry locks are becoming increasingly popular because of the simplicity, Keyless Locksaffordability and desired features. Most customers want keyless entry locks simply because they are tired of getting locked out. There are many other benefits of having keyless entry locks. One of the best, is the ability to delete a user that you no longer want to have access. For a business, this cuts down on the costs of having to call a locksmith out every time a employee gets fired. If you are considering keyless entry, why not purchase the one with the most features?
Some keyless entry locks have advanced features that give you the ability to lock or unlock your door from anywhere using a cell phone. If you want more control, you can schedule lock codes to be active on certain days at specific times. Most of these locks have forced entry-tamper alerts as well. Available for residential or commercial use, keyless entry locks are available in a lever handle or if you prefer, a deadbolt version.. Say goodbye to getting locked out of your home. Go keyless!If you are considering keyless entry locks, call Budget Mobile Locksmith at 813-962-1121 for a free estimate. Thank you for your consideration.

Beefing up business security

Recently, a small business owner’s Tampa based store was burglarized. The thieves made off with 17 computers. To the business owner’s surprise, the thieves pried the back door open to a vacant suite adjacent to his and cut a giant hole through the wall. Even though he had an alarm, he realized that not only did he need additional security, now he must do something to secure the empty suite next door. IMAG0539 We are often asked if there are additional ways to beef up security other than alarms and high security locks? Yes, there is! A rock solid option is the Security Bar. The Security Bar is the first line of defense against forced entry. Security Bars are made of top quality steel and are manufactured right here in America. Security Bars Kits are available for commercial and residential doors. Don’t become a victim! It’s simple, affordable and installs in less than 10 minutes.

If you are considering beefing up security on your business, call Budget Mobile Locksmith at 813-962-1121 for a free estimate. Thank you for your consideration.

Sliding glass door security

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How to secure sliding glass doors:

The easiest entry point into your home is your sliding glass door.  Why?  Most standard sliding glass doors can be lifted and pried opened in seconds.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered when Tampa Locksmith-Sliding-glass-door securityit comes to sliding glass door security locks.  A permanent solution is called The Cal Double Bolt Locking System.  Not only do you get break-in protection, you get a convenient way to lock and unlock your door. No more fighting with that cheap minimal security old lock.

We offer three options:

1. The one part option adds additional security to what you already have. We would install the new Cal Double Bolt Lock directly above your existing lock and you can still use the old lock as well.

2. Our two part option replaces your old sliding door lock completely.  We simply remove your old lock, add a cavity to cover the hole on the outside and add the Cal Double Bolt Lock on the inside.

3. In our three part option we would install an outside cavity, the Cal Double Bolt Lock and a handle.  This option is our most popular one because you have the convenience of a full handle to open and close those heavy sliding glass doors.

If you are considering beefing up security on your sliding glass door, call Budget Mobile Locksmith at 813-962-1121 for a free estimate. Thank you for your consideration.

Locksmith scams and what you can do to avoid becoming a victim

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Tampa Locksmith-How to avoid locksmith scamsIt’s never pleasant to be locked out of your car, home or business. It’s even more stressful when fraudulent locksmiths prey on your vulnerability.

To avoid being victimized, become familiar with a locksmith you can trust. Find a local locksmith, program their number into your mobile phone and bookmark their website address.

Here are a few common locksmith scams to look out for:

  • A dishonest locksmith may quote you one price on the phone and then quote you another price after performing the service. To avoid becoming a victim, make sure the quote given is firm and in writing before the work begins.
  • Another locksmith scam involves a quote over the phone or in person, but after the job is performed several additional fees can be added – everything from a “service fee” to a “travel fee” to a “check processing fee.” Make sure to ask if there will be any additional charges before the work begins.
  • Beware of locksmith call centers. These scammers place ads in local phone directories using fake addresses and phone numbers that actually ring in another part of the country. You may think you’re calling a local Tampa number, but you’re actually calling another state. You want to deal locally whenever possible.
  • Never trust a company that only takes cash. Whenever possible, use a credit card. Most major credit cards have built in fraud protection.
  • Trust your gut. If the locksmith arrives and you’re not comfortable with them in any way, call another company. It’s better to wait another hour than to become a victim.

If you do get scammed, make sure to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the state Consumer Protection Agency and the Attorney General’s Office.

If you need a reputable locksmith anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, be sure to call Budget Mobile Locksmith at 813-962-1121.